Why Tidecoin?

Tidecoin is an upgrade of Bitcoin by replacing ecdsa cryptography signature algorithm with Post-Quantum security ones. The cryptography used by Tidecoin is falcon-512 which is one of NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology)'s finalists for Post-Quantum security standards. This will make Tidecoin to keep on ensuring its security characteristics even faced with quantum computers.

By introducing the Post-Quantum security signature algorithm, a decentralized currency system Tidecoin is designed. The operation of the Tidecoin network is based on mathematical proofs and physical laws. The proof of power consensus and CPU friendly POW algorithm make Tidecoin achieving a breakthrough level in decentralization, and security. The currency design enables Tidecoin to run on various types of ubiquitous computing devices, enabling pervasive process of value, even that in multiple worlds.

We reviewed the experimental results of Bitcoin in the decentralized cash system, and clarified the core of the decentralized cash system: decentralization, security, and scalability. To this end, we have designed a cash system Tidecoin based on Post-Quantum security crypto algorithm. The Tidecoin network is based on mathematical proof and physical laws, which ensures its decentralization and security nature. The script system to scale the network by programmable code or sidechains.

Tidecoin's whitepaper