Every one can use a personal computer to mine Tidecoin. It's even possible to use embedded devices for mining. Just download the wallet and enter a command to mine.

The PoW algorithm Tidecoin uses is yespower. This algorithm in particular is designed to be CPU-friendly and GPU-unfriendly.

Currently the wallet supports windows and linux version. When the wallet is open, it will connect to the network and synchronize with the latest block.

Mining with Full node

Before mining, use getnewaddress command to get a new Tidecoin address. Then use generatetoaddress to start mining. For example:

generatetoaddress 1 TXH4f22sfdM7Udert3tvJHPqWpkNp5datA 100000

Mining with pool

Download the mining software:

Then run, for rplant pool:

cpuminer-sse2 -a yespowertide -o stratum+tcp:// -u TXH4f22sfdM7Udert3tvJHPqWpkNp5datA

Or other pool,

cpuminer-sse2 -a yespowerTIDE -o stratum+tcp:// -u TXH4f22sfdM7Udert3tvJHPqWpkNp5datA

Pool list: